Global Balanced Allocation

Please note that since 8th June 2016 the new following documents are available: Prospectus, Offering Supplement, KIID, Listing document, Interim Report. In addition since 25th May 2016 shares of Class I are listed on ETF Plus market, open OICR’ segment, managed by Borsa Italiana s.p.a

Investment Objective
The Investment Objective of the Sub-Fund is to generate absolute returns.

Investment Policy
The Investment Manager shall invest the assets of the Sub-Fund in: transferable securities including equities and debt securities, money market instruments, Exchange Traded Funds and other collective investment schemes. The debt may invest in, include but are not limited to Exchange Traded Notes (‘ETNs’). The type of ETNs which the Sub-Fund will invest in will be linked to commodities, particularly in relation to precious metals.

The Sub-Fund will be primarily exposed to bonds and equities with a flexible range of up to 70% invested in debt instruments with ETN’s being limited to a maximum of 20% of NAV and up to 30% invested in equities. The Sub-Fund is not expected to have any bias towards any specific industrial, geographic or other market sector.

For temporary or defensive purposes, the Sub-Fund may invest in short-term fixed income instruments, money market funds and cash and cash equivalents.