We inform you that according to the Board of Directors’ Resolution, Prestige Sub Fund has been placed in liquidation. In addition, the negotiation of class I shares listed on the ETFs Plus market, Segment Open CIS, managed by Borsa Italiana s.p.a., can no longer take place because of the delisting of its, intervened with notice of Borsa Italiana on March 13th, 2018.

Investment Objective
The Investment Objective of the Sub-Fund is to achieve long term capital growth.

Investment Policy
The Investment Manager shall invest primarily in a diversified portfolio of listed transferable securities including bonds and equities, money market instruments, FDIs including futures, forwards, options and contracts for differences, and eligible ETFs. The Investment Manager may invest in these asset classes either directly or indirectly through UCITS Funds and/ or eligible non UCITS Funds.
The Sub-Fund may have a limited indirect exposure to commodities mainly through (i) FDIs linked to commodity indices, (ii) structured products linked to commodities and (iii) ETFs. The investment process will be based on a combination of quantitative analysis, technical analysis and fundamental analysis
The Investment Manager shall manage credit risk and will aim to minimise volatility through credit analysis and diversification over a broad base of issuers, industries and geographies. The Sub-Fund is not expected to have any bias towards any specific industrial, geographic or other market sector provided that the Sub-Fund’s direct exposure to issuers based in emerging countries shall not exceed 20% of total assets.
The Sub-Fund will ordinarily be exposed to stock market indices which are traded in the major futures markets in the EU and US and in other selected countries.
In pursuing its Investment Objective and Investment Policy, the Sub-Fund will be subject to the Investment, Borrowing and Leverage Restrictions set out in the Section of the Prospectus entitled “Investment Objectives, Policies and Restrictions”.